Educate, demonstrate, and inspire. 

The Library of Graham Pollinator and Prairie Gardens are comprised of two adjacent areas, one provides habitat for pollinators, and the other showcases native plants that grow wild throughout our ecoregion. 


Our goal is to introduce children and adults to concepts of nature, ecology, water conservation, and the interconnectedness of our environment through experiencing a working ecosystem. 

We are educating the community about native Texas plants and how they support all life, starting with pollinators. The garden is thoughtfully designed with specific plant species that provide food and shelter for monarchs and many other butterflies, birds, and small wildlife species.  


Our Prairie Garden showcases nature around us and incorporates natural design elements and plants that grow wild in our region. Many plant species are collected in the wild and transplanted into the garden. Our goal is to demonstrate the beauty and benefits of wild spaces and grow our community’s understanding and appreciation for nature. 


We hope to raise awareness of our interconnected environment through these gardens and inspire our community to include native plants in public spaces and home landscapes. Small decisions and actions can make lasting impacts that benefit our community and enhance our quality of life. We are part of nature, and when we include native plants, we create a sanctuary for pollinators, birds, and wildlife.   

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