The mission of The Library of Graham is to provide the best possible library services to the citizens of the community, with access to its expanding collections, technologies, facilities, and programs. Library services will be provided on a fair and equitable basis to all individuals. The Library of Graham accepts and promotes the principles of the American Library Association as set forth in the Library Bill of Rights.


There are four major components to this mission:

  • To promote reading and study as a means of individual growth and enrichment, as a responsibility of citizenship, and as a form of recreation.
  • To provide high-quality reference services and be a reliable source for background material and in-depth information.
  • To provide a high level of access to electronic information resources and help citizens develop the technological, information-seeking, and information evaluation skills needed in an ever-changing technological world.
  • To provide a sage and open environment for intellectual freedom and growth, where access to cultural and recreational resources will encourage appreciation for the world we live in, and patience and understanding for the people who share our world.



To provide a high level of electronic information access to people of all ages.

Staff of The Library of Graham will train patrons to use the internet, available databases, and online catalog effectively. Training will also be given in basic computer, word, and email skills.

Through a technology plan The Library of Graham will provide a list of equipment. The director will make sure the hardware is kept up-to-date and in good working order. Hardware will be replaced as needed.


To provide a variety of reading, viewing, and listening materials for personal enrichment and enjoyment.

Staff at The Library of Graham will select, and purchase materials based on community interests and demand. Staff will weed collection as needed so up-to-date material is always available to the public. Staff will schedule programming that will stimulate use of the collection and the summer reading program.

Staff and library supporters will solicit funding and incentives from the community for the Summer Reading Program. Staff will also develop strong collaborations with schools so that children and teens will have knowledge of the library’s services.


Provide access to cultural resources.

The Library of Graham will select, purchase, and maintain local histories and genealogical materials. The library will also maintain a Texana Collection. On a regular basis, staff will evaluate materials relating to the performing arts, art, and literature.

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