Today we have many sources from which to choose information. Wise decisions on the quality of that information must be made. Where do we reach out to for trusted information?

Our Library of Graham.

The library faces challenges; challenges in reaching and serving all members of our community. Our library helps citizens with community resources, computers, wi-fi, research materials, programs, and of course, books. Our library provide essential services that change lives.

Library foundations provide opportunities for citizens to supplement tax support. Even if adults haven’t set foot in a library for a long time, they know and appreciate the library’s value in our community. The foundation will make sure the library will be here tomorrow, and in the future decades. This is extremely important to people who are considering current and legacy gifts. A library foundation provides a structure for people to show their appreciation for and support of extended library services. The foundation works hard to achieve its goal of providing additional resources to the library. Donors have confidence in the organization and how their dollars will be spent and can receive tax benefits. The library gains support for needed projects.

Foundations are a benefit through their ability to write grants. Corporations like to be associated with the types of programs created by libraries. Planned giving opportunities create tax-free gifts to the library. Foundations have the flexibility to invest their funds to maximize benefits; investment options available to public agencies are usually more restrictive.

Foundations extend the library’s reach into the community. And continues to make sure it happens for all the future patrons.

Please contact the library director for any questions or to find out how you or your corporation can serve this prestigious board and our most precious service, the Library of Graham.

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