The Library of Graham provides proctoring services for a fee of $5.00. If the conditions in our policy are acceptable for your exam, we will provide space to take the test, computer access if needed (2-hour limit), and confirmation that all instructions were followed. We can receive exams by both mail and email.


  • The library will only proctor tests at the discretion of the library director.
  • The library is not responsible for interruptions in computer service during online exams.
  • The library cannot assume responsibility for undelivered tests and will not inquire about overdue or missing tests.
  • The library is not responsible for any test fees, billing, or shipping costs associated with any test proctored by library staff.
  • The test taker shall be solely responsible for all associated testing fees and making all arrangements for the return of the test to the sponsoring institution, including correctly addressed and stamped envelope, correct shipping labels, or courier service.
  • The test taker must provide all test taking materials.
  • the test taker is required to show a picture ID for verification.

We are unable to proctor exams that require any of the following:

  • Transmission by fax machine.
  • Constant monitoring of the examined.
  • Copies of government issued IDs belonging to the proctor.
  • Signatures on non-disclosure agreements or other legally binding documents extending beyond the date the exam is administered.
  • Installation of software onto library computers or the use of webcam.
  • Interpretation of test questions.
  • The library to grade the test.

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